Baha’i UN’s Ecumenical Religion

The popularity of Baha’i can largely be attributed to its attempts to unify all faiths, prophets and the entire human race.   It embraces the humanist philosophy that all religions should be embraced equally because they are not contradictory and are merely successively updated versions of the same basic religious beliefs.  They teach that all religions are the result of the same God and the differences stem only from the age in which they were revealed. Continue reading

Pornification of America

Working secretly in his attic, Dr. Kinsey was one of America’s original pornographers.  This documentary shows how “The Kinsey Reports” have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is how the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education — training teachers, psychologists and even Catholic priests in human sexuality. What has been the consequence? And what was Kinsey’s research really based upon?  The Pornification of America is adult in nature.  Viewer discretion advised. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 16 Video HD

Session 16: Genesis 4 Cain & Abel.  

In todays session we look at the contrast of Cain and Abel. Scriptures unfold and tell us that these two brothers approached God differently.  Cain is a picture of apostates (Jude) and Abel a picture of the faithful.  Works vs. Grace and the birth of religion and murder are all in view.  We will see in this lesson that Cain is a prototype of the unbeliever. We again have many firsts in this chapter. Free disciple ship course.  See the list of links for other free resources to help you grow in grace. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 15 Video HD

Session 15 Genesis 3:20-24.  

Today we look at the importance of the Hebrew proper names in genealogy have meaning behind the translation we read.  Vs. 21 we have doctrines of atonement, substitutionary atonement and clothing all here in this verse.  We notice that blood sacrifices are found around the world and have their origins here in Genesis 3 & 4. All of this points to the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Christ the Son of God. We see the scene of Adam and Eve leaving the garden of Eden when they look back we see a picture of the veil of the temple and the mercy seat. This is a wonderful picture prophecy of the work and ministry of Jesus Christ as our High Priest. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 14 Video HD

Session 14:  We look at the wondrous topic being introduced. “Atonement”.  We look at Romans  5 we see the effects of sin has spread to all men. We see the foreshadow of Justification by faith in Jesus shed blood on the cross in how God clothed Adam and Eve. This is applied by faith apart from the law.We see also that the adversary hates the chosen people who would bring forth the Messiah who would crush the enemy. This is manifest today in Anti-Semitism is always a satanic structure of trying to thwart God’s plan.  We look at the process of salvation. Justification, sanctification, and glorification are a process that God uses to bring us into fellowship with Him.  Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 13 Video HD

Session 13:  Genesis  3  Bible teacher Keith McKenzie looks at the effects of the curse on woman in the garden of Eden. God demonstrates His great love even in how distributes the curses on the woman.  God’s grace is set in motion as He uses the woman to crush the enemy. However sin has it’s effect and sorrow has come to the woman until Christ comes back for the Church.  We pick up the curses with the woman. We examine how God tailors the judgement to the law of unintended consequences.  This is part of Gods reflective policy.  Obadiah 1:15 Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 12 Video HD

Session 12 “Sin in the Camp”  

We continue to see how here in Genesis Ch. 3 how sin has it’s tragic effects on our relationship with God, families, and nations.  Sin effects nations. We look at Joshua ch. 7 The sin of Achan and how it effected the tiny nation of Israel. God deals with sin.  Sin always has consequences. Examinig how Christ reconciled our sins and the sins of the nations at the cross. Isaiah 53 and Phillipians  2, Genesis 3:14-19 God begins to execute judgement on the Serpent, Adam and Eve. The battle of the seeds begins here and doesn’t end until the last book of the bible (Revelation) , Christ vs. antichrist the battle of the ages. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 11 Video HD

Session 11 Genesis  3 The origin of sin.  

Bible Teacher Keith McKenzie looks at the origin of death, shame, self effort, in our cornerstone discipleship training series.We have war (enmity) in the garden.  Shame, guilt, enmity, relationships are fractured. Sin causes separation. Fig leaf conspiracy. Trying to hide sin. We see here that sin is the most costly thing ever to happen.  We look at the sin of David & Bathsheba how relationships are fractured as in the garden. Out of this sin David writes Psalm 51. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 10 Video HD

Genesis Ch. 3 The consequences of sin. 

Session 10 of our discipleship series on Genesis 1-11.

The Serpent tempts and lies with the bait of Lust.
Origins of: Adding to Gods word ie. Tradition ,Legalism: Is adding to Gods word.  Temptation to become like god.  This manifests itself today in the New Age and Mormonism.  “Ye shall be like God…” Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 09 Video HD

Session 09:  Genesis Ch. 3 The origin of sin and the fall of man.

Origin of the Serpent, Lucifer, the devil. Lies, Fall, Deception. We see the reality of the unseen world of angels. We have a new audio series on angels in a 15 part series on our site in the media player. Angelology where we cover this topic in greater detail. The bible has allot to say about the subject of Holy and fallen angels. Demons (Satan’s) active forces are mentioned over 100 times in the bible.  See our series on Angels & Demons Angelology Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 08 Video HD

Session 08:  The Name of God

Today we take a side bar on our study of Genesis Ch. 2 and the first mention of the LORD (YHWH) found in the bible.

The Tetragrammaton is found over 6000 times in the Bible. We will focus on the ancient Paleo Hebrew of Gods name. You will find that the ancient Hebrew carried not only phonetic and numeric values, but also carried a pictogram message.

You will be blessed by this study. Enjoy. The Name of God. Continue reading

In The Beginning Discipleship Series Session 07 Video HD

Session 07:  Genesis Ch. 2 The Seventh Day,

God use of progressive revelation about our nature and Gods nature. LORD the Tetragrammaton is introduced.
God uses patterns to teach like the creation week, sabbath and millennium is shadowed here as a pattern.  God breathes into man His Holy Spirit and man becomes a living being.  Today we see Gods provision in the prohibition of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Continue reading