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Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit: False Prophets

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit: False Prophets

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit False Prophets Matthew 24Ok this is where I say we really just need to step back and test what the spirit is saying here.   William Branham and his devotees believe (WMB from here on out) to be the voice or messenger of the SEVENTH angel!  In studying cults and other false religions we see a pattern of angelic (1 Timothy 4:1)  visitors giving “New Revelation”.  The problem is we need to test the spirits.  (1 John 4) There is warning after warning in the bible of lying spirits lying signs & wonders (2Th 2:9) We get this brief quote off of the “Official William Branham Page”.  Then consider the many scriptures that warn over and over of the deception that is to mark the last days.  Jesus warned us as do the other prophets and apostles:  “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”  Matthew 24:4-5 (more…)

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit:  An Ancient Lie

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit: An Ancient Lie

Third Wave Prophets An Acient LieAn Ancient Lie, ‘Ye shall be like God.’  An ancient lie lies in the middle of the Third Wave Movement.  It all harkens back to the Latter Rain movement in 1940’s, which for our purposes began with the bizarre and outright doctrines of demons promoted by  William Branham.  He like many more today who claim to be a prophets & apostles.  Not just any prophet, but John the Baptist and the 7th Seal “Voice”of Revelation!  We will come back to this at the bottom of the article and why a proper understanding of eschatology (prophecy) keeps the Church watchful, not sensational!  (more…)

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit: Origins

Third Wave Tsunami of Deceit: Origins

Third Wave of Deciet Origins of False Prophets Teachers Another Jesus Another GospelI was recently asked to take part in a series of articles with TTUF (James Fire) and Anne Kisly.  We will look at three elements of the Third Wave.  Political (James), Economic (Anne) and I will take on the Religious aspect.  As I began to go over notes and study more into depth, many of the same players kept coming to the surface.  In this first article we will look into the Origins of the Third Wave.  As we move along I will bring into view the origins, the players, agenda, influences, and prophetic implications of what I will call a cult right up front.  We will see that the shakers and movers have another gospel and another Jesus.  2 Corinthians 11:3-4   (more…)

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