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Where is the Worldwide Church of God Now?

Where is the Worldwide Church of God Now?

poison_sign_lOffshoots & Splinter Groups
of Worldwide Church of God

There are hundreds of offshoots and splits from the Worldwide Church of God; therefore, it is impossible to list, or keep track of, all of them. We list the ones we have had the most inquiries on.

To understand more about the history of the earlier breakaway groups, read the Outsider’s Inside Update Newsletters which looks behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the “transformation” of the Worldwide Church of God and their New Age agenda. (more…)

WCG Christian or Cult?

WCG Christian or Cult?

poison_sign_lWorldwide Church of God Christian or Cult?

God/Holy Spirit/The Trinity. (under Armstrong) — “The Hebrew for God is Elohim, a uniplural noun, such as the words family, church, group … And so, in truth, God is not merely one personage or even limited to a ‘Trinity,’ but is a family” (The Good News, February, 1979, p. 1). “The doctrine of the Trinity is false … Elohim is the divine family — only one family, but more than one divine Person … So the eternal Father is a Person, and is God. Jesus Christ is a different Person — and is God. They are two separate and individual Persons …”


Herbert Armstrong Exposed

Herbert Armstrong Exposed

Herbert Armstrong WWCOG False Prophet Listed false prophecies doomsday cultThe cult of Armstrongism is a mix of Jehovah Witness errors on the Trinity and the Holy Spirit and Seventh Day Adventism with the exclusion of everyone who does not observe the Sabbath.   Herbert Armstrong made over 200 False Prophecies! Mormonism also teaches that you can become a god.  The original lie of the garden.  Many well meaning people have grown up in this system.  Ultra control, outright false prophet which like the JW’s, Mormons still follow these cults have made bold prophecies that FAILED to come to pass. (more…)

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