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The Jesuit Oath of Pope Francis Jesuit Order Exposed

The Jesuit Oath of Pope Francis Jesuit Order Exposed

The Jesuit Oath Blood of the Martyrs Harlot ChurchAre most Christians too lulled asleep to be aware? I think perhaps so.  Pope Francis, what of him?

There are overt signs Francis I was chosen by satanic forces for these times. The Illuminati are fascinated by imagery, symbolism and numbers. The number 6 is satan’s number (666), and 13 denotes rebellion and is usually linked with ‘bad luck.’

Benedict the 16th was the 6th Pope to resign his office in 600 years. Precisely 6 hours after his announcement to step down, lightning struck the Vatican. Pope Benedict had  vacated the Papacy for 13 days.  Pope Francis I was elected on 3/13/13 at 8:13pm Rome time. Then there is the peculiar Papal fascination with displaying the satanic Twisted Crucifix. (more…)

The FUEL Project Index

The FUEL Project Index

The FUEL Project NWO Babylon Bible ProphecyThe FUEL Project Index

From Lucifer to Babylon, how the Nephilim is evidence of the demonic invasion of humanity. Who is Nimrod?  We have divided this video series into 12 Sections.  Below is an index of the sessions with a brief description.   The FUEL Project “Know Your Enemy” by Mark Fairley of the Fuel Project, chronicles the history and some conclusions based on the bible.  This selection of videos addresses how the one world government Scripture foretells is being forged right before our eyes.

The “enemy” is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The “enemy” is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.  We have broken this lengthy series down into bite size pieces with brief descriptions.  Get informed.  Ephesians 5:11 (more…)

Ephesians Ch. 6  Audio Commentary

Ephesians Ch. 6 Audio Commentary

Notes & Outlines EPHESIANS Chapter 6 session by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The Purpose
This is a proven method of encouraging people to study the Bible systematically. All great spiritual movements among the people of God have come about through a revival of Bible study. It will make you an intelligent Christian (1 Peter 3:15). It will make you an instructed Christian (2 Timothy 3:16,17). It will make you an informed Christian (John 7:17).  Ephesians Ch. 6  Audio Commentary  Spiritual Warfare. (more…)

Mysticism in the Church (Satan’s Old Tricks)

Mysticism in the Church (Satan’s Old Tricks)

Mysticism in the Church Video ExposeMore and more of those who profess Christ are “experiencing God” in ways that lands them smack dab in the middle of the New Age movement. It’s not like they haven’t been warned about experimenting with mysticism. They’ve been warned plenty, yet they totally disregard wise counsel. So if you’re among the sheep who have gone astray, consider the Bible’s wise counsel: “It is the Lord your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him”(Deut 13:4).  Ancient mysticism is entering the church as Satan re-packages his age-old deceptions.


Disarming the Powers of Darkness

Disarming the Powers of Darkness

David has the rare ability to communicate his message to young people, as well as to parents, using humor and interesting facts. His goal is to strengthen the family and to give them the Biblical tools they need to live in these troubled times. David’s ministry is to assist the local Bible-believing churches in America and oversees in evangelism, outreach and subsequent church growth.  Great introduction and some notes attached that David uses in his seminars.  The Bible has allot to say about Angels & Demons and the unseen conflict both Christians and unbelievers are embroiled in. (more…)

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