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Why Study Biblical Typology? Resources

Why Study Biblical Typology? Resources

A Study of Biblical Typology


One of the most fascinating areas of Bible study is that of typology—the study of Scripture “types.” Few Christians have made any sort of in-depth investigation of biblical types. As a matter of fact, this field of study has fallen into disrepute in recent years and this can probably be accounted for on two bases:

First, the extravagant speculations of earlier typologists have left a bad taste for the study in the minds of many; they feel it has been discredited. (more…)

What is Biblical Typology? Study Links

What is Biblical Typology? Study Links

John 314 Gospel Typology Brazen Serpent Cross of ChristTypology represents a vital part of early Christian hermeneutics built upon the belief that God is in control and has unified His Word and the events in redemptive history.  [6] It is questioned whether typology is prospective (the OT type as a divinely ordained prediction) or retrospective (the NT antitype as analogously related but not prefigured in the type). It is likely that the solution lies in the middle. The OT authors and participants did not necessarily recognize any typological force in the original, but in the divine plan the early event did anticipate the later reality. Thus David’s coronation (e.g., Psa. 2, 72, 110) did indeed foreshadow Jesus’ enthronement as the royal Messiah, though it was not a direct prediction. (more…)

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