What does the Millennial generation in America believe? This is the generation that is currently raising the next generation and is massively influential in which direction the nation will head. Well-known researcher George Barna recently released a “Millennials in America” report that confirmed, once again, that the Millennial generation is extremely secularized and knows very little about God and his Word.

According to The Christian Post, the report shared that:

  • 9 out of 10 millennials are syncretists, picking a mixture of beliefs from different religions so as not to appear “intolerant.”
  • Being “born again” doesn’t result from repentance and faith in Christ’s sacrificial, substitutionary death and resurrection but refers to being a good person, doing good deeds to merit one’s salvation.
  • Only 28% believe the Bible is the Word of God.
  • Two out of three millennials believe they are “Christians,” yet their responses indicate they are not true disciples following Jesus as Lord.
  • Three out of four believe all religious faiths are of equal value.
  • 56% reject the existence of absolute truth.
  • A scant 4% of millennials hold to a biblical worldview regarding God, life, and morality.
  • Only one in four millennials believes they can trust Christian pastors.
  • A high percentage identify themselves as “DONTS,” meaning they don’t know or even care if God exists.

Generations of young people have been raised up who don’t know what they believe or why they believe what they believe.

As I’ve been saying for years, generations of young people have been raised up who don’t know what they believe or why they believe what they believe—and they certainly aren’t basing their thinking on God and his Word! They have the wrong foundation—man’s ideas—so they believe they can pick and choose whatever they like from various religions because, ultimately, their god is man (themselves). So how do we share the gospel with people who know nothing of the one true God, his Word, and the saving message of Christ’s work on the cross?

Well, we must help people understand they have the wrong foundation for their thinking. God’s Word is true and, because God’s Word is true, the gospel message is also true. And because God’s Word is true, and it makes exclusive claims regarding truth and salvation, other religions aren’t just different paths—they are wrong!

This means we must be equipped with apologetics so we can defend the truth of God’s Word and answer the skeptical questions of our day. Sadly, much of the church has not taught and equipped young people as they should have.

I’ve been sharing with Christians how to present the gospel message in a secularized culture for years. You can watch one of my presentations on this topic below. This talk was streamed several years ago from Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum:

Today’s secularization isn’t a surprise to God!

Such reports as Barna’s recent one are sobering and disheartening. But we must remember the power of the gospel message and the Word of God. Today’s secularization isn’t a surprise to God! All throughout history he’s been saving people, regardless of the time and culture they live in. And we pray that he will continue to save and that he will raise up a generation of Christians who will boldly stand on his Word and proclaim the gospel message to all.

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