It was Congress’s first certain body blow to American Jews in modern times, though Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib may feel upset that they were denied a chance to achieve it on Yom Kippur and had to settle for the first day of Sukkot.

The so-called “progressives” in Congress led Democrats to commit an act of war against the Jewish people on Tuesday, when the House leadership slashed $1 billion incorporated into the spending legislation for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system in an emergency spending package.

Iron Dome will likely survive this shattering punch through separate legislation.

Any hard feelings against Omar, Tlaib and their allies are bound to intensify after Tuesday’s events. If American Jewish organizations held their fire on Wednesday, it was probably because they were still observing the second day of Sukkot. Should Democrats who support Israel or despise “progressives” for other reasons decide to exit the party, this kind of incident can open the floodgates. President Biden lost Jewish votes in Florida last November, and that was probably due to a combination of hatred of “progressives” and appreciation for former President Trump’s support for Israel.

Israel and its supporters here got caught up in the current budget mess in Congress. From news reports of the Associated Press and The New York Times, the House of Representatives voted Tuesday night to finance government operations through early December, suspend the federal debt limit and supply disaster and refugee aid. The measure was passed by a party-line vote of 220-211 and has been sent to the Senate, where it could readily sink under Republican opposition.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro of New Haven, Conn., in her role as chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, introduced another version of the emergency bill after “progressives” objected to the Iron Dome expense. READ MORE

An Act of War…against Jews

Josh Toupos

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