The latest changes taking place in Syria are nothing short of dramatic. With the civil war raging for more than a decade, President Bashar Assad’s grip has been all but fully restored and now he wants to assert his control over those who have helped him along the way, including Iran, writes Israel Hayom‘s Lilach Shoval.

Given the fact that he is indebted to Iran and Hezbollah for coming to his rescue at the beginning of the conflict and saving him from defeat, his move is very interesting.

Tehran and the terror group began intervening in the war as early in 2012 by providing Damascus with tactical advice, weapons, funds, and troops. Soon after, Russia realized it had an opportunity to impact the region and also began providing Syria with military aid. Essentially, it was the outside help – especially from Russia – that saved Assad’s regime and helped him regain control of the country.

Assad's Iranian allies have overstayed their welcome

Josh Toupos

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