The Israel Government Press Office will host the 5th annual Christian Media Summit this November 11th at 18:00 (GMT+2) on the Government Press Office’s Facebook (@IsraeliGPO) and YouTube accounts.

The Christian Media Summit is an annual event organized by the Israel Government Press Office. The virtual summit brings together 150 top-tier Christian news executives and public opinion leaders from around the world, including founders and CEOs of world-renowned Christian media outlets, for dialogue on key topics relevant to Israel and the Christian world.

President of Israel Isaac Herzog sent the following message to Chrisitian supporters of Israel: “We know that we can count on you, dear friends and allies in the Christian world, to stand with us in the fight against terror and to be our partners in the efforts to counter the lies and spread the truth about Israel, as well as to be our partners in promoting the spirit of peace in the Abraham Accords.”

“In the Middle East, there is only one place that fully protects Christian life”, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett added “where the Christian community is growing, thriving and prospering, and that’s in the State of Israel…. And today more than ever, Israel stands united with Christians, we are brothers and sisters, we are united, and we won’t let anyone extinguish our light.”

“Israel is thankful for your friendship, for the friendship of the millions of Christians who stand shoulder to shoulder with us”, Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid said; “For your fighting the wave of antisemitism…We thank you for making the true voice of Israel heard whenever lies are spread about us.” Yair Lapid, and Alternate Prime Minister

According to the organizers, the goal of the summit is to foster better understanding and strengthen the friendship between Christians around the world and the State of Israel. “The purpose of this joint gathering is to yield cooperation with the Christian community and strengthen the alliance between Christians and the State of Israel. The government of Israel views the Christian media as a vital and professional channel of information to Christian viewers, readers and internet users across the globe”, the organizers wrote.

Among this year’s speakers:

Isaac Herzog, President of Israel
Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel
Yair Lapid, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Alternate Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, Former Prime Minister of Israel, MK and head of the opposition
Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Interior
Nitzan Chen, Director, Israel Government Press Office
Netanel Isaac, Director General of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage
Nahman Ash, Director General of the Ministry of Health

Bennett: Israel stands united with Christians

Josh Toupos

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