Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday morning appeared for the first time before the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministry, emphasizing that Israel is not obligated to keep a nuclear agreement made by other countries with Iran.

“I attribute great importance to the Knesset’s parliamentary oversight of the work of the government in all areas, especially the most sacred of all – the national security of Israel,” Bennett began. “The national security situation of Israel is good and is getting stronger, but it is not free of challenges that we will detail later.”

“The primary importance this year is stabilizing the Israeli system. The Israeli system had been deteriorating for several years, which severely impaired the national security of Israel in all its aspects. We have stabilized the system, we passed a budget, the Israeli economy is strong and is growing by approximately 7% thanks to our policy against lockdowns, which has allowed the economy to return to normal. Thanks to this growth, we are taking quite a significant amount of money and investing in strengthening the IDF and the entire security establishment.

“I would say that this is strengthening of a kind we have not seen in years,” Bennett said. “This strengthening is important for our existence and I am very pleased about it and am determined to complete it quickly.” READ MORE

Bennett: We are moving to continued offensive against Iran

Josh Toupos

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