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(photo taken from a 2-second YouTube video clip; used in accordance with the U.S. Fair Use Act)

LTRP Note: The following is posted for informational and research purposes and not intended to be an endorsement of either the content or the source.* If you have not read the article/booklet Lighthouse Trails released this year titled The Chosen Series: 10 Critical Concerns, we encourage you to read it. Below this out-of-house news story, also watch a YouTube video that came out this week discussing the “defaced” billboard prank.

By Trent Toone
Deseret News

Many fans of “The Chosen” were alarmed and upset earlier this week when billboards promoting the popular faith-based television series during Holy Week appeared to be defaced with graffiti that mocked the show.

Producers of “The Chosen” have since come forward to confess it was all part of a strategic marketing ploy to gain new viewers.

What happened?

A few weeks ago, “The Chosen” began an Easter advertising campaign using 70 billboards in cities nationwide.

Then earlier this week, people began noticing that many of the same billboards, which depicted actors from the series, had been defaced with the words such as “The Chosen is boring” and “,” which directed users to a website called “The Chosen is Not Good.”

The URL led people to a commercial, made by “The Chosen,” depicting a Satan character in hell with his demons as they schemed to get people to stop watching the show because of its positive impact. Click here to continue reading.

*The Deseret News is a news source owned by the Mormon Church. The Mormon Church is a cult that has captivated the hearts and minds of millions of followers. Please pray for those deceived by this group that their eyes may be opened.

YouTube Video:

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