Written by Daymond DuckConcerning world government: on July 28, 2021, prophecy teacher Geri Ungurean posted a Tony Koretz video on her website (Absolute Truth from the Word of God) in which Tony made a couple of statements that really caught my attention:

“We are headed toward a worldwide dictatorship.” “A global medical dictatorship is rising.”

Writer’s comment: It is hard to deny that the shadow government is using unelected individuals to dictate policies (masks should be required, vaccinations should be mandatory, people that disagree with them should be censored; lockdowns should be ordered, etc.) to nations all over the world.

The government of Antichrist will be a worldwide dictatorship, and it is developing now.

It may even be more developed than most people realize because it doesn’t appear that Biden is in charge at the White House, and someone has made Covid a global issue.

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