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By Linda Harvey
Mission America

There are times when many of us would really love to say, “We told you so.” Despite the mocking and scorn over the years, it turns out there actually is a “gay” agenda directed toward children– depraved and aggressive– and it’s now more  obvious than ever.

The Florida Parental Rights Bill (HB 1557) reveals the crass, exploitative underbelly of “gay” activism and is a threat to the prize target of many wayward adults—vulnerable children.

This important bill recently signed by Governor Ron DeSantis protects children in kindergarten through third grade from homosexual and gender deviance indoctrination in lessons, books and so on. It also prohibits schools from withholding physical/mental health information from a parent.

The law makes perfect sense and . . . elicited a furious reaction from the “LGBTQ” community.

The sexual anarchy lobby named the measure the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and even organized walkouts of mostly high school students, showing a limited understanding of what the bill does. . . .

Disney has already pledged, in apparent retaliation for the bill, the addition of more “queerness” (many more sexually deviant characters) to its programming. Click here to continue reading.

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