You may have heard one of the leading hypotheses in the supposed development of apelike creatures into “early humans”: they ate more meat. According to this idea, increased carnivory “contributed to the development of larger brains and bodies.” But now, you can forget that idea—new research says that’s not what happened at all!

We see this kind of shift all the time—further research overturns everything the experts thought they knew about the past. According to a new study, the supposed “archaeological evidence of meat-eating increasing after the appearance of Homo erectus in the fossil record” isn’t really evidence of an increase in meat-eating at all, “suggest[ing] that meat-eating may not have been as transformative in our evolution as is often suggested.”

Rather, “a recent analysis of archaeological sites in Africa, where H. erectus is believed to have evolved, suggests that the increased amount of evidence is a result of more research into this time period at the expense of others.” So, there’s more evidence of meat-eating with Homo erectus (a fully human descendant of Adam—not some kind of sub-human species as evolutionists believe) simply because the sites where we find H. erectus have been so well studied compared to other sites.

One of the study’s coauthors writes:

This study changes our understanding of what the zooarchaeological record tells us about the earliest prehistoric meat-eating. It also shows how important it is that we continue to ask big questions about our evolution, while we also continue to uncover and analyse new evidence about our past.

They’re forever interpreting the evidence incorrectly because they have built the wrong worldview based on that wrong starting point of man’s ideas about the past.

I would argue that no matter how many “big questions” they ask, how much evidence they uncover, and how carefully they analyze it, these evolutionary scientists will never come to a proper understanding of the origins of humanity because they have the wrong starting point. They’re forever interpreting the evidence incorrectly because they have built the wrong worldview based on that wrong starting point of man’s ideas about the past. If they want to truly understand and interpret the evidence correctly, they must start with God’s Word—the eyewitness account of history—not man’s imaginations.

Let me give you a practical example of what I mean by this. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a Harvard-trained biologist who has been studying human genetics, particularly the Y-chromosome (inherited through the male and passed on only to males). He uses the same data (Y-chromosome trees of various males from around the world of various ethnicities) as evolutionists—and yet he comes to completely different conclusions because Dr. Jeanson starts with God’s Word.

Because he begins with God’s Word, and so the young-earth timeline, he’s able to search our DNA for “stamps” from past historical events that would have left their mark in our DNA. And, as he applies the proper timeline to the evidence, he’s discovered remarkable, observational evidence that confirms exactly what we’d expect starting with God’s Word. But evolutionists can’t do this research because they reject the proper timeline and therefore believe DNA stretches back millions of years. Your starting point makes a huge difference!

You can learn more about Dr. Jeanson’s research—and how it powerfully confirms the Bible’s history—in his new book, Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise. This book is currently available as an e-book, with the print book coming in March (and when you preorder the print book, we will give you a free download of the e-book right away).

Oh, and the truth is this: man started as a vegetarian (Genesis 1:29) and became a meat-eater after the flood (Genesis 9:3).

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