Israeli Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) on Monday met the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, at the Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office in London.

At the start of his remarks, Lapid said, “I know that we are committed to the same goal – Iran will never be allowed to get a nuclear weapon.”

“The Iranians are coming to these talks for only one reason – to get sanctions lifted,” Lapid stressed. “They will play for time, earn billions from the removal of sanctions, continue to deceive the world, and covertly advance their nuclear program. This is what they have done in the past, and it is what they will do this time as well.”

“The world must prevent this, and it can prevent this. Tighter sanctions. Tighter supervision. Conduct any talks from a position of strength.’

He added: “Foreign Secretary Truss and I signed today a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation between our countries. This is not only an agreement between close friends, but between two technological superpowers. This MoU will lead to a free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and Israel. It will strengthen economic, security, technological and cultural ties between us.

“This agreement is not just a win-win, but a must-must,” he concluded.

Foreign Min. Lapid: Iran coming to talks only to get sanctions lifted

Josh Toupos

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