Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Sunday that he supports a “broader, stronger and longer” nuclear deal with Iran, even as Israel is said to be expecting talks surrounding a return to the 2015 multilateral accord to fall apart.

“I support an agreement that will be broader, stronger and longer — taking Iran back, dismantling its current capabilities and placing effective inspections on its sites and on its weapons production,” Gantz said at a conference on Israeli security affairs, hosted by the Haaretz daily and UCLA.

Last week, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid reportedly reiterated Israel’s position to Rob Malley, the US special envoy on Iran, that Tehran is simply trying to buy time with negotiations over its nuclear program until the issue of rejoining the 2015 nuclear deal is no longer relevant.

The foreign minister reportedly told Malley that Iran has no intention of actually returning to the deal, which the US pulled out of in 2018 under then-president Donald Trump.

Since then, a series of escalating incidents have struck the wider Mideast. That includes drone and mine attacks targeting vessels at sea, as well as assaults blamed on Iran and its proxies in Iraq and Syria. READ MORE

Gantz says he supports a ‘broader, stronger and longer’ deal with Iran

Josh Toupos

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