sraeli Ambassador to the US and United Nations (UN) Gilad Erdan has said that the likelihood Iran will agree to return to the nuclear deal signed in 2015 has dropped to 20%.

In a Monday morning interview with Galatz, Erdan said that the international community, including the US, “is speaking with us about Plan B for the Iranian issue, what happens if Iran does not rejoin the nuclear deal.”

“If in the past the community’s estimate was that there was an 80% chance that Iran would return to the deal, today that has dropped to 20%,” added.

Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s upcoming UN address, Erdan told Galatz, “There’s always interest in the address of an Israeli Prime Minister. In the past year, we achieved the Abraham Accords, the Iranian issue has been occupying the American government, and the vote in Congress on the issue of resupplying the Iron Dome systems – all of these things create a connection to the Prime Minister’s speech.”

“But I think that the Prime Minister and his spokespeople – by the way, this is how it always was – are keeping the final details of the speech [to themselves] until the last moment, in order to preserve the interest, and justifiably so. And then at 4:00p.m. Israel time, everyone will be able to hear his speech.”

“The intention is to showcase Israel’s contribution to the world,” Erdan explained, noting “the bias that exists against us in international institutions, foremost among them the UN of course, also about the existential threat of Iran, which is growing stronger and more powerful.”

Gilad Erdan: 'We're talking with the Americans about Plan B on Iran'

Josh Toupos

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