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LTRJ Note: The following is a follow-up by Cedric Fisher regarding the Global Church Network (GCN). As Fisher reported last month, GCN appears to be a “New Age Path to ‘Back-door’ Ecumenism”; and while the organization leadership boasts of popular “conservative” Christian leaders such as Robert Jeffress, Gary Smalley, and H.B. London (of Focus on the Family), it also includes New Age sympathizers such as Roma Downey and Leonard Sweet and numerous emergent-type figures. (see Cedric Fisher’s recent article on Leonard Sweet and his role at GCN)

Basically, what is taking place at GCN (and in so much of Christianity today) is a blending together of truth and error. Such a blending is a tactic of our adversary which ultimately leads to a denial and disintegration of truth. In contrast, God’s Word does not blend truth and error but rather identifies each and separates and distinguishes them. We could provide countless examples of where this dangerous blending is taking place today. The Chosen series is one example where millions of people are being drawn into its syncretism of truth and error. Creators of The Chosen admit that only 5% of their creation is actually from the Bible, but they are seeking to convince multitudes of Christians that it’s OK to mix truth and fiction (error). But the Bible is clear on that score – it is anything but OK. Yet, with popular leaders such as Greg Laurie, Jack Hibbs, and Kirk Cameron promoting The Chosen, it is hard to convince undiscerning Christians of the serious problem.

Global Church Network, aka Billion Soul Network

By Cedric Fisher
Truth Keepers

Members, Participants, Pastors and Churches

“The Global Church Network, today, is a growing coalition of more than 2,600 Christian ministries and denominations synergizing their efforts together to build the premier community of pastors worldwide to help plant five million new churches for a billion soul harvest. The Global Church Network now consists of more than 700,000 churches and has become the largest pastors network in the world.” James O. Davis: Founder.

“The Billion Soul Network is composed of pastors from more than 150 nations, from every major stream of Christianity, numbering more than 500,000. Hundreds of churches have joined the movement and call themselves a “Billion Soul Church.” Will you belong?” — Global Church Network, Become a Billion Soul Church, (Update:700,000 pastors and churches). Click here to see a partial list of participating figures and churches.

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