The world will face unprecedented threats if Iran attains a nuclear weapon, National Security Adviser Eyal Hulata warned at a conference of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in Bahrain on Sunday.

“We have been speaking about all of the malign activities of Iran throughout the region,” Hulata said. “Think how much bolder and dangerous Iran will be with a nuclear umbrella.”
“Should Iran achieve its nuclear ambitions, the region as we know it will be no longer. The free world would face extreme threats it hasn’t faced before, with a new nuclear arms race and the collapse of the existing nonproliferation regime,” he stated.

Iran was deterred from developing a nuclear weapon only “when it was faced by determination,” Hulata posited, and called for a united message that Iran will not be allowed to go nuclear.
“We should recognize that Iran is stalling, and will continue to draw more concessions, unless we start showing unified determination, and then we can achieve our goals,” he said. READ MORE

Hulata in Bahrain: ‘Nuclear Iran will destroy world non-proliferation regime’

Josh Toupos

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