An international atomic watchdog group has accused Iran of concealing some of its nuclear operations from inspectors, violating a key component of a deal with the organization.

The International Atomic Energy Agency on Sunday announced that two weeks ago, on September 12th, Iranian officials barred IAEA inspectors from replacing the memory cards of equipment used to monitor operations at an Iranian centrifuge facility.

According to the IAEA report Sunday, while inspectors from the UN-affiliated agency were able to change the memory cards at most of the locations being monitored, Iranian officials prevented them from doing so at the TESA Karaj complex, where centrifuges – used to enrich uranium for Iran’s nuclear program – are assembled.

In a statement released Sunday, the IAEA cited its director-general Rafael Grossi, who said Iran had violated the inspection deal with his organization.

“The Director General stresses that Iran’s decision not to allow Agency access to the TESA Karaj centrifuge component manufacturing workshop is contrary to the agreed terms of the Joint Statement issued on 12 September,” the IAEA said.

IAEA: Iran violated nuclear inspection agreement

Josh Toupos

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