Narcotics and firearms were listed among items seized by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Israel’s northern border; Haimlich: The Lebanese economy is not good, and that can lead to things happening on the border.

According to reports, the IDF and Israeli police prevented an attempt by individuals seeking to enter into the Jewish State via its northern border with Lebanon. Those attempting to enter Israel were reportedly equipped with contraband including firearms and narcotics. As of now, the Israeli military is investigating the matter to see if Hezbollah had any involvement.

The total amount of contraband pulled from the individuals equaled 350,000 NIS, which amounts to approximately $109K. One factor that continues to concern Israeli authorities is the rapid decline in the Lebanese economy, which will likely only result in more of these attempted intrusions.

As noted by The Jerusalem Post, Lt.-Col. Raz Haimlich stated, “The Lebanese economy is not good, and that can lead to things happening on the border.” He also noted months ago, “I’m always ready for something to happen… whether it’s drugs being smuggled or people infiltrating, looking for work. I think the work that the IDF is doing will stop people from trying to smuggle.”

The IDF has dealt with similar cases in recent months. In June, one case included over a dozen handguns and magazines, and 80 pounds of narcotics.

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