Iran has claimed new success in its integrated air defense network. A drill claimed that a new air defense system has been unveiled by the Islamic Republic.

The drill was named Sky Defenders Velayat 1400 and took place recently, according to reports. In this case, the system confronted various threats and supposedly intercepted them.  

According to Fars News in Iran, Brig.-Gen. Amir Qader Rahimzadeh, Commander of the National Air Defense Base, announced the news that a “strong and multi-layered defense against cruise missile attack is one of the goals of the joint specialized air defense exercise of the 1400th Province [Velayat] Sky Defenders.” 
Images of a new air defense system were published for the first time. “Due to the different features of this system with other missile air defense systems in the country, the official information of this new system has not been published yet,” said the reports.  
Tasnim News went much further in looking at aspects of the system. It notes that the system has four launch canisters and can carry eight or 12 missiles. This would make it similar in some ways to Iron Dome, but it can also be compared to South Africa’s Umkhonto missile system and its truck-mounted version, built by Denel Dynamics. READ MORE

Iran claims success for new 'Iranian Iron Dome' air defense system - analysis

Josh Toupos

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