With airstrikes inside Syria now posing a greater challenge to Tehran’s attempts to establish itself in the country than in the past, Iran has have begun taking various steps to contend with Israeli activity, Israel Hayom reported.

November has seen more airstrikes by the Israel Defense Forces on Syria than the same period last year when hundreds of armaments were dropped on the country.

The Israeli activity is being carried out within the framework of the Campaign Between the Wars – an ongoing Israeli military and intelligence effort to disrupt the force build-up of the Iranian-Shiite axis throughout the Middle East.

Throughout the years, Israel has consistently taken extra care to avoid harming Russian forces in Syria in years. A recent and unusual daytime attack on Syria was reported to have been conducted specifically in order to ensure that Russian forces in the area would not be harmed.

On Monday evening, Syria claimed that the Israeli Air Force carried out an attack in the center of the country, in the city of Homs. According to Syria’s Sana news agency, the Syrian army’s air defense systems were activated in the Homs area and were unable to stop the attack.

Syrian television, on the other hand, reported that the missiles fired at Homs were intercepted.

Last week, Syria reported that Israel had launched missiles at a shipment of weapons destined for terrorist organizations in Damascus.

Iran moving its assets near Russian bases to avoid Israeli strikes in Syria  https://amos37.com/iran-moving-its-assets-near-russian-bases-to-avoid-israeli-strikes-in-syria/

Josh Toupos

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