Explosive suicide drones targeted the home of the prime minister over the weekend; Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi was taken to the hospital but did survive; Kadhimi: Cowardly rocket and drone attacks don’t build homelands and don’t build a future.

Following the Iraqi prime minister’s reelection several weeks ago, the PM’s home was met with an assassination attempt via suicide drones overnight on Saturday. Ultimately, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived the attack unharmed, though he was taken to the hospital. However, seven of his security guards took on injuries.

Shortly after the assassination attempt took place, the PM tweeted, “I am fine and among my people. Thank God.” He would also confront those responsible via the media, stating, “Cowardly rocket and drone attacks don’t build homelands and don’t build a future.”

Iranian-sponsored militias were responsible for the attack, which is sure to usher in a new era of concern regarding the Islamic Republic’s reach of terror in the region.

According to the PM’s office, in no uncertain terms, al-Kadhimi spoke of a coming response to those responsible, stating, “We will pursue those who committed yesterday’s crime, we know them well, and we will expose them.”

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