The Biden Administration is arrogantly ignoring official Israeli protests against the opening of a US Consulate in Jerusalem to serve non-Israeli Palestinian Arabs.

It is more important for them to cow to the radical wing of their party than honor the pledge made by previous administrations to an unbreakable bond with Israel.

The Biden Administration could easily have catered to Palestinian Arabs by opening a consular office in Ramallah. This is where the Palestinian Authority is based. This is where they serve their electorate, whenever they have elections. The last one was in 2006. They were supposed to hold elections every four years but Palestinian factions have been at war with each other for decades.

That said, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah decided not to help their people – what else is new – and instead play diplomatic football by insisting that the United States must reverse their avowed declaration that Jerusalem is the undivided sovereign capital of the State of Israel. Instead, the Palestinians and the current US Administration are determined to drive a wedge, some would say a stake, in the heart of Israel and the so-called “unbreakable bond” of the United States-Israel relationship by insisting that a consulate be located not in Ramallah or Gaza but deep in central Jerusalem.

Biden is weakly, some would say willingly, surrendering to the demands of a non-state entity that uses American tax-payers’ money to pay their killers of Jews. Why not? There were no effective protests against this in America. If this fails to extract protest the opening of an office should be child’s play.

You begin to see the gradual erosion of US-Israel relations, one poisonous drip at a time.

For sure this is yet another example of who is actually controlling the White House and State Department. READ MORE

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