Imagine a peaceful world. Suddenly, relatively weak Liechtenstein launches rockets into the next-door domain of far stronger Germany. Or posit that Monaco does so against its neighbor, France. These attacks kill dozens, maybe hundreds of people in the attacked countries.

What would then happen? Germany and France are civilized countries. They would assume, at least initially, that this was an accident. These two powerful nations, however, would ensure that nothing like that ever happened again. They would expect that those responsible for this outrage be held accountable for it.

But assume now that the inquiries of France and Germany were rebuffed by Monaco and Liechtenstein. Instead, imagine the latter two maintain that these missile launchings were entirely justified and will occur again in the future — and with greater intensity and frequency. To punctuate their intentions, they even give medals and pensions to those of their citizens responsible for these outrages. Posit, moreover, that these recent attacks are not the first of such episodes, that they have been taking place for decades.

What then would take place? France and Germany would do to Monaco and Liechtenstein what the Allies did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and (minus the atom bombing) to Dresden. These two strong countries would first declare war against the two weaker countries, and then proceed to pulverize them. Afterwards, they would launch a Nuremberg-type trial for their leaders and those responsible.

Israel and Gaza are roughly analogous to these two other sets of countries. Hamas and related Gaza terror groups — some “unofficial,” some actually running the government by voter approval — have been attacking Israel for lo these many years. What has been the response of the Brobdingnagian nation to the Lilliputian entity? Has Israel acted to stop the Gaza attacks in their tracks? If one had thought so, one would be wrong.

Instead, the Arabs of Gaza locate their launching devices in or near hospitals, children’s playgrounds, residential areas, or elementary schools, and then fire hundreds, even thousands of rockets at civilian population centers. They do so every few years. The Israeli response? One Israel government after the next issues a few half-hearted warnings and administers some perfunctory slaps on the wrist. Then, when Israel is about to mop up the place, they succumb to calls for mediation, compromise, a cease-fire. READ MORE

Launching missiles, muting responses

Josh Toupos

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