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Mormon temple at Temple Square Salt Lake City Utah

LTRP Note: The following letter to the editor was written in response to our recent article, “Jack Hibbs’ Ministry Defense Statement for Promoting The Chosen Has Poor Premise and Is Obscure.”

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

Thank you for continuing to warn the flock about the danger in the series, The Chosen. As an ex-temple Mormon, I am very aware of the extreme demonic direction of the Mormon Church delusion.

I also disagree with those [LT: such as Jack Hibbs’ team and Got Questions] who say that The Chosen does not teach Mormon doctrine. One of the main doctrines of Mormonism as with all “Christ”-based cults is that they humanize God and deify man. The portrayal of Christ is very much that of simply a human. Christ is fully human AND fully God; this is not a minor issue. Mormonism teaches that “as man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.” Brigham Young, a Mormon “prophet” and leader of the Mormon church following Joseph Smith, taught in his “Doctrines and Discourses,” volume one, that Adam is our (the Earth’s) God and the only god with whom we have to deal.” Later in the same volume, he states that it was “Adam God” who as god had the right to choose any woman he wanted to be his son’s mother and that it was he (Adam god) who impregnated Mary. The Mormon church does not propagate this teaching, but it is implied in their teachings, and it was taught by their prophet Brigham Young.

The identity of Christ is crucial to correct biblical doctrine! I received Christ at Calvary Chapel after hearing Pastor Chuck Smith teaching about being born again. I tried to find the Jesus of the Bible in Mormonism, and the more I read the Word of God, the more I realized the real Jesus was not the Jesus of the Mormon church. During my time of searching, I came under horrifying demonic attacks, rejection by all my Mormon friends, home teachers, and an abusive spouse and in-laws, but Jesus had me and wouldn’t let go.

As you can see by my testimony, Who Jesus is, is absolutely crucial to me, and I am terribly grieved to see so many brothers and sisters deceived by this gross misrepresentation of my Lord being not just accepted but lauded in His church.

You can be sure that the Mormon church is using this series as a missionary tool for leading many into deception and as a way of luring some who left the Mormon church seeking to find the Jesus of the Bible, back into deception hearing an “evangelical Christian” claim that Mormons and Christians worship the same Jesus [as The Chosen’s director Dallas Jenkins does]. They don’t!!!!

Thank you for all you do to warn about deception in these last days. I pray that many will heed your warnings and be saved from following the many paths leading away from “the narrow way.” God bless you.

Sandy G.

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