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Hello Lighthouse Trails:

I am grateful to God for using you and your website to open my eyes on so many spiritual war fronts. 

The reason I am writing this e-mail is because I am looking for a list of Christian higher education establishments that have signed on with the woke movement.

I recently applied to a “Christian” college (College of Bbiblical Studies [CBS], Houston) after first pre-checking the name of the institution against your list of Christian colleges that promote spiritual formation.

I thought I was safe since it was not on the list, but boy was I wrong! I recently watched a DVD titled Enemies Within the Church, and I was struck when they noted that woke “Christian” colleges and seminaries focused heavily on philosophy and worldviews rather than Scripture. I was dumbfounded when I heard this because one of the required classes I had signed up for at CBS seemed to be heavily focused on philosophy and worldviews.

This greatly concerned me, so I dug a little deeper and found that one of the professors teaching at CBS actually wrote the book Woke Church. His bio is located in the link below:


I had already been suspicious about the college due to a number of things that didn’t seem right (e.g., my academic advisor had given me a list of devotionals she liked and among them was the book Jesus Calling.)

Needless to say, I have since withdrawn from CBS. 

I am writing this e-mail in the hope that you have compiled a list of Christian colleges and universities identifying which establishments have compromised with the woke movement. 

In Christ 


LTRP Editor’s Note:

After doing our own research as well as examining the information sent by S. M., we have added this school to our Contemplative College list (a list we have been adding to for nearly two decades).

In answer to this person’s question as to whether we have a compiled list of schools that have begun to integrate “wokeism” (e.g., cultural Marxism) into their schools, we have not. However, typically, as a rule of thumb, if a college or seminary has been promoting “spiritual formation” (i.e., contemplative spirituality), there is a strong likelihood they are also promoting “progressive” (e.g., wokeism, emergent) ideologies as well because spiritual formation leads to emergent progressive thinking. This is the link that, unfortunately, many Christians do not realize exists. As we have explained for many years now, contemplative spirituality (a belief system rooted in the New Age) was the “energy” that gave the emerging church its umph. That emerging/emergent church is what is now called the “progressive” woke church. A church doesn’t become “woke” overnight; it happens with an incremental slide into apostasy.

For readers who want to understand the detrimental effects of contemplative spirituality, please read Ray Yungen’s book A Time of Departing. If you cannot afford to buy this book, e-mail us, and we will send you a free copy. Also, read Mary Danielsen’s “S is for Social Justice: The Language of Today’s Cultural Revolution.”

Finding a Christian college, university, or seminary that is biblical has become increasingly difficult. It’s a dilemma that many Lighthouse Trails readers have encountered, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If you know of a higher education school that is maintaining a biblical stance, please let us know. If it passes the scrutiny of our research team, we will let our readers know about it.

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