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LTRP Note: For 12 years, Lighthouse Trails has been reporting on the story of former lesbian, now Christian, Lisa Miller, who fled the U.S. eleven years ago with her young daughter, Isabella, to protect her from a zealous pro-LGBT Vermont legal system who sought to steal custody away from Lisa and hand it over to a non-parental ex-lesbian “spouse.” Lisa and Isabella spent ten years in Nicaragua in hiding. After Isabella turned 18 in 2020, Lisa turned herself into authorities. She was brought back to the U.S. and was incarcerated for over a year, awaiting trial. On May 24th, that trial took place, and because of a plea bargain, Lisa was released the same day, sentenced to time served. Below is short report on Lisa’s release.

A first hand report on Lisa’s release [Tuesday, May 24, 2022]:

By Pablo Yoder

Praise the Lord with us, our sister Lisa has been released. She walked out of Niagara County Jail at 6 pm tonight. (Written yesterday and sent to me today.) Court convened promptly at 12 noon. After about thirty minutes of hearing comments from both sides, Judge Acara gave Lisa’s sentence as “time served,” meaning that the time she has already spent in jail is enough.

We still haven’t figured out if the prosecution, the defense, or the judge is the correct mathematician in regards to exactly how many days she should have been awarded for good behavior, and if the sum of time served and that number adds up to 18 months. It was a bit humorous to hear. However, the judge agreed with the others, yes, even the prosecution, that it’s time to “move on.”

One more smile about the day, just as court was about to be dismissed, the clerk rose and quietly reminded the judge, upon which he gave Lisa the right to appeal her sentence.

Many thanks to those who came and filled our side of the courtroom, as well as to the many who have prayed, who are and will continue to pray. (Approximately 50 to 60 brethren showed up to show their support for Lisa.)

After several hours of waiting, Lisa was transported back to the jail and then about an hour of processing before we saw her walk out the door, this time without handcuffs or shackles.

She got whisked away by friends (to avoid the media) to a lovely park.

One last thing . . . While we were sitting there at the park, talking and listening . . . All of a sudden Lisa exclaimed, “Look at the bird!”

A robin was feeding her babies right there in the corner of the pavilion. That was significant since last year at Niagara County Jail, Lisa saw the same sight while out in the jail rec yard. God is so faithful and awesome.

Continue to pray and praise with us.

Lisa is still going to need a lot of prayer. Her adjustments, her civil case and who knows what else she might face is looming ahead of her now. And let’s not forget Isabella. And most of all, let’s not forget to praise God for answering our prayer of so many years!

A photo of Lisa and Isabella in 2008

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If you would like to help support Lisa and Isabella, during this transition time, when they still have many challenges to face, you may do so at

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