The just-released book Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise declares that a six-year study of genetics reveals remarkable new discoveries about humankind’s past and has re-written major portions of its history.

Through a meticulous study of the male Y chromosome in various people groups, Harvard-trained scientist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson concluded:

  • Historians need to add new events in history. For example, Traced reveals that today’s Native Americans descend from Central Asians who arrived in the early A.D. era.
  • Major revisions on concepts of race and ethnicity must now be made. Some light-skinned Scandinavians have olive-skinned Arab ancestors who, themselves, were descendants of dark-skinned Nubians, who were in turn connected to ancient Egypt.
  • New narratives for the history of ancient civilizations must be written. Traced finishes recording the account of human history by uncovering what happened to ancient peoples after their civilizations fell.

In additional discoveries, the book offers dramatic confirmations of biblical events. Every people group on earth can genetically trace its origins to Noah and his three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth. Also, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Old Testament still have clearly identifiable descendants living today, as do the ancient Persians.

Dr. Jeanson’s revolutionary book Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise lives up to its promised subtitle with bold claims as it presents eye-opening new research on human genetics.

Jeanson, who holds a PhD in biology from Harvard and today is on the staff of the Creation Museum, stated: “The new Rosetta Stone of human history is a DNA-based, generation-by-generation family tree for global humanity. In Traced, I walk the reader through the history of peoples from seven major civilizations. In uncovering the history from these seven civilizations, we end up uncovering the history of the whole world.”

Dr. Jeanson, author of another ground-breaking book Replacing Darwin (2017), noted: “The mainstream scientific community has long demanded that creationists make predictions that future scientific experiments could empirically test. In 2017, my book Replacing Darwin made specific testable predictions about human history. Traced shows that these predictions came true.”

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson: “Creationists are now taking the lead in the scientific exploration of our past.”

Jeanson added: “Traced also lays out a massive research program for the future, with numerous testable predictions waiting to be explored. In other words, creationists are now taking the lead in the scientific exploration of our past.”

Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis and founder of the Creation Museum, declared: “This monumental work has found the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of human history. With incredible research conducted over several years on the male Y chromosome, Dr. Jeanson has deciphered human genetics and has convincingly confirmed the history recorded in the Bible, beginning in Genesis.”

Ham added: “This brilliant scientist has made startling discoveries about who we are, where we came from, and what happened to our ancestors that are truly stunning. We encourage the entire evolutionary community to study Dr. Jeanson’s remarkable ground-breaking findings on human history.”

Traced comes on the heels of Ham’s commentary on Genesis chapters 1–11, Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families. Ham observed: “I was able to incorporate many of Dr. Jeanson’s startling finds in my book.”

Published by Master Books, Traced is 432 pages (hardcover) and retails for $19.95.

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

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