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Ray Yungen

Lighthouse Trails friend, author, and ministry colleague Chris Lawson (director of Spiritual Research Network) has created a new YouTube channel for Ray Yungen’s lecture and conference videos. We want to thank Chris for providing this resource; and we hope you will get a chance to check it out. For those who are not familiar with Ray’s work, he has played a major role for the last 20 years in the ministry of Lighthouse Trails helping to equip the church in understanding and avoiding spiritual deception. The lectures on the YouTube channel contain vital information and documentation that continues to be relevant today. Ray passed away in 2016, but his legacy of discernment lives on.

Ray Yungen’s YouTube channel

Chris Lawson is the author of a number of Lighthouse Trails booklets and his book addressing the issue of Taizé worship (a New Age-style worship and prayer). He also developed a YouTube channel a few years ago for LT author and former New Age follower, Warren B. Smith.

Intro video by Chris Lawson (see below)

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