Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s false assumptions about COVID lead to dystopian mandates-by-executive-orders more like a dictator than an elected politician: Education staff and students will be vaxxed or fired. ⁃ TN Editor

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s (D) administration is forcing all educators and staff in the state to get vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus, Brown announced on Thursday.

Claiming to follow the science, Brown touted the importance of ensuring that schools are open and offered two “keys” to ensure students are safe: Masks and vaccines.

Because of that, she ordered the Oregon Health Authority to issue a rule mandating teachers, staff, and volunteers to be vaccinated by October 18 “or six weeks from FDA approval, whichever is later.”

“There are those who will disagree with the actions I am taking today. But school is starting across the state. COVID-19 poses a threat to our kids, and our kids need to be protected,” she said, stating she is “willing to take the heat for it.”

“We stood together for nurses, doctors, and health care workers. We saved lives by following science and data,” she continued, failing to mention that many nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers in blue states now face an ultimatum: Either get vaccinated or lose their job.

“I’m asking you to do it again for our health care heroes, vulnerable community members, and Oregon’s kids,” she continued.

“Our best tools to keep our schools, businesses, and communities open are wearing masks and getting vaccinated,” Brown added:

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