Written by Steve Schmutzer – I leaned back in my chair and watched as my friend carefully lifted out his new stock Remington 700 .308 from its case. He laid the rifle on his lap and fondly caressed its barrel.

“I can take out a bad guy from a quarter mile away with this sucker,” he said. “If I put a Leupold scope on it, it’s a guaranteed kill.”

I was confused. “How do you know they’re a ‘bad guy’ if they’re that far away?”

“I’ll know,” he murmured.

I was unconvinced.

“Doesn’t the right to use a gun for self-defense end at the door?” I asked. I wasn’t an expert on these issues, but I’d already checked out my state’s laws on that one.

He curled his lip and looked at me with feigned disgust. “I’m not talking now. When the SHTF in the tribulation, you won’t want to wait till they’re on your

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