Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday morning spoke at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, discussing the recent climate change conference and an Israeli military exercise.

“We arrived back a few hours ago from the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, following a series of diplomatic meetings, and are sharply pivoting to the critical hours and days for the passing of the budget,” Bennett began, adding that, “This is real climate change.”

“In Glasgow, there were marathon days of diplomatic meetings. I met with the leaders of Britain, France, India, Australia, Bahrain and the list goes on. Israel’s international standing is strengthening. There is desire by many countries – including some surprises – to move closer to us and to cooperate. We are no longer defined by the conflict or by our enemies, but according to who we are and our contribution to the world on the coronavirus, climate and other areas.

“I would like to comment on two important events that also point to Israel’s strength: The Blue Flag exercise, with eight of the strongest and best air forces in the world, was held in Israel a few days ago. All of the commanders were here in this room and I heard many compliments about the Israel Air Force and the air of cooperation. There is another exercise going on even as we speak, in Eilat with our navy and the US 5th Fleet from CENTCOM.”

“Whoever needs to get the message, will get it,” Bennett emphasized.

Turning to internal issues, he said, “My friends, passing the budget must be seen as a major challenge, the only one, in the coming days. This is the task and we must be up to it.”

“Several months ago, we identified three main tasks: Forming the government and saving the country from the tailspin and the endless chaos, and rescuing the country from the coronavirus and the Delta strain. We have carried out the first two missions; the third is passing the state budget, which we will do this week. READ MORE

PM Bennett on military exercises: Whoever needs to get the message, will get it

Josh Toupos

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