Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday morning addressed the Jerusalem Post 10th Annual Conference at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.

Stressing the importance of international dialogue, Herzog said: “Over the past year we have seen the good this dialogue can bring. And I want to focus on the Abraham Accords. They are a remarkable breakthrough in the history of our region, a brave, noble choice by Arab nations, with the fine mediation of the United States, to cast aside a failed policy of exclusion, lack of dialogue, lack of tolerance, and instead embrace a future based on inclusion with an Israel that has always outstretched its hand in peace. I hope many more Middle Eastern nations will emulate this path of dialogue and tolerance.”

“I recently visited the King of Jordan in Amman and met King Abdullah II. I have spoken at length with President al-Sisi of Egypt. I had a long call with President Erdogan of Turkey, and a few conversations of courteous nature with Chairman Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.”

President Herzog condemned Iran’s regional aggression as a result of a breakdown of international dialogue and said: “Here, we see the world’s failure to act in concert, to settle on a strategy to sever Iran’s tentacles in the Middle East, to restrain its ballistic missile program, and to shut down its nuclear program. Iran is exploiting this inaction, this lack of coordination. [This is] a clear threat to international peace and security.”

Addressing the climate crisis and calling for meaningful action at the COP26 climate summit, Herzog said: “As President, I intend to push forcefully on this issue, of the climate emergency. In November, world leaders will gather in Glasgow, Scotland, for the climate summit in a bid to pull our planet back from the brink. I hope that there too, dialogue, concern for our children’s future, and concern for the world that we are blessed to live in together will prevail over short-term interests and impulses.”

Pres. Herzog: 'Iran is exploiting the world's inaction'

Josh Toupos

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