White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki doubled down on the claim that soaring meat prices are caused by profiteering from meat companies.

As of December 2021, consumer prices were rising at a 7% pace — leading to higher grocery prices and tighter budgets for many American families. Rather than pointing to federal spending or loose monetary policy, Democratic officials have placed the blame on supermarkets and meat companies for trying to earn higher profits.

Psaki repeated the same claims on Tuesday afternoon.

“Just four large conglomerates control the majority of the market for beef, pork, and poultry products, and the data show … that there have been increases in meat prices while the companies have generated recent record profits,” Psaki said in response to a reporter during her press briefing

“So how can you comfort me with nonsense, because in your answers there remains only falsehood?” Job 21:34

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Psaki Still Blaming Meat Companies For Skyrocketing Grocery Bills  https://amos37.com/psaki-still-blaming-meat-companies-for-skyrocketing-grocery-bills/

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