In Quebec, only 15 percent of the population has not received a COVID shot, and yet they are blamed for soaring infection rates among the vaccinated. Somehow that appears as logical to government leaders who are intent on punishing the holdouts. This is on top of closures of gyms, theaters and bars. ⁃ TN Editor

Quebec reimposed a nighttime curfew beginning New Year’s Eve as COVID-19 infections surged. Restaurants in the Canadian province only offer takeout service, while Gyms, bars, and movie theaters have been closed for days.

As the media and government drum up another COVID scare, Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault wants to punish unvaccinated people for the soaring infections despite 85% of the residents in the province being vaccinated.

This week, Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault is expected to announce more restrictive measures towards unvaccinated people, such as banning them from purchasing hard liquor and marijuana.

On Tuesday, the Journal de Montreal reported that “there was still some discussion to fine-tune the passport enforcement” at entrances or cash registers to block the unvaccinated from entering liquor and cannabis stores.

Vaccine passports have been required to access non-essential businesses such as theaters, bars and restaurants, casinos, conventions and conferences, places of worship, and sports facilities. If Legault goes ahead with the move, unvaccinated will only be able to purchase beer and wine.

“Time and time again, the government has said it does not intend to force officials to be vaccinated,” the local paper said. However, through indirect ways, it’s making life for the unvaccinated into a living hell, with an end goal to make them eventually concede and get jabbed.

What’s ironic is that the new vaccine requirement at liquor and cannabis stores will only apply to unvaccinated shoppers but not employees.

The fact that authorities in Quebec are using “totalitarian” methods to make the lives of unvaccinated people miserable and instill fear in the overall population as the less severe Omicron variant sweeps across the world is nothing short of disgusting.

The Canadian government has even admitted to launching a psychological operations campaign against their own people to manipulate them into vaccine compliance.

The use of fear by the government and corporate media has definitely been ethically questionable. On Sunday, a convoy of police rolled around Montreal with flashing lights and sirens telling people to go home or get fined for breaking curfew.

What’s happening is a pandemic power grab by elites who use mass formation psychosis to hypnotize the population through fear into being their subservient slaves.

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