Hamas is expected to attempt to damage the upper barrier between Gaza and southern Israel by means of explosives placed on vehicles, Maariv reported.

According to the report, the defense establishment believes that following the explosions terrorists would infiltrate Israel and harm IDF soldiers.

According to estimates, as part of their preparations for conflict, Hamas members are training in taking over and infiltrating Israeli territory, as well as in using large explosive vehicles.

Over the past few months, Israel has noticed that Hamas is concentrating great efforts on improving and rehabilitating its military capacities, Maariv added. This includes expanding its tunnel network, as well as fixing damaged tunnels. It is estimated that the tunnels are nearing the border area, but as of now, no tunnel is known to cross into Israeli territory.

Among the list of issues Hamas invests in are cyberterrorism, unmanned naval vessels, various aerial weapons, and anti-tank weapons.

The IDF believes that the terror group is not interested in a military conflict right now, due to the need to rehabilitate Gaza and its military capabilities, Maariv said. The defense establishment has also identified a large presence of restraining Hamas forces, in order to prevent clashes with the IDF. Recently, its men even aggressively arrested Islamic Jihad activists, in order to maintain stability in the area.

Israel, meanwhile believes that events which may happen in security prisons, such as the death of a hunger-striking Islamic Jihad terrorist, may trigger a terror attack. It is also estimated that Islamic Jihad is currently preparing to carry out terror attacks.

However, over the past few months, Hamas leaders have sent multiple messages to Islamic Jihad’s leaders warning that if Islamic Jihad acts in contradiction to their joint factions, they will not receive military aid from Hamas, as they did twice in the past few years.

Report: Israel concerned Hamas will try to harm border fence  https://amos37.com/report-israel-concerned-hamas-will-try-to-harm-border-fence/

Josh Toupos

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