Mean-spirited Technocrats at the Scottsdale, AZ school board figured it was a good idea to build dossiers on parents who dissented against them at school board meetings. No matter that it was an egregious violation of law, ethics and the Constitution. Parents are rightly demanding resignations. ⁃ TN Editor

Parents in Scottsdale, Ariz. are pretty upset over the actions of their school board. Sure, parents all across the country are angry, but Scottsdale parents have even more reason to be. You see, someone tied to their school board has kept a dossier of parents who dissented at board meetings.

Fox News reports:

More than 600 parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, are demanding the resignation of the school board president after a shocking revelation.

The president, or possibly his father, appears to have kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings — a dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screenshots of Facebook posts.

It’s not clear what the school board or the compiler of the list planned to do with the information that had been compiled. Was someone going to dox these parents? Were they going to threaten parents with the information or retaliate in some way?

No matter the purpose of the dossier, parents are understandably livid.

Over 650 parents have signed a petition calling for the resignation of SUSD Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg.

The Scottsdale Independent pointed out that multiple people had access to what the paper has dubbed “the Greenburg files — including the school board president and his father, Mark Greenburg.

The digital dossier is housed on Google Drive and contains content, including photos of district parents and at least one minor, personal financial documents, including professional certifications, and mortgage statements.

The Google Drive shows these people linked to the account:

  • Mark Greenburg is owner of the Google Drive
  • Jann-Michael Greenburg
  • A person email address belonging to SUSD governing board member Zachary Lindsay
  • A Scottsdale woman whom the Independent has not yet verified.

Jann-Michael Greenburg denies any dealings with the dossier, but his replies to questions from the paper sound awfully defensive.

“I categorically deny having anything to do with any of this. If you are going to claim in a story right now, that I had anything to do with this, I would argue that crosses the line,” Jann-Michael said, while his father was also on the call.

“We are going to have forensic IT staff look into this and figure out what that is. You can file with law enforcement, I am not sure even why we are looking at these photos.”

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