President Joe Biden on Tuesday caved to the Taliban and pledged to honor the August 31 withdrawal deadline for U.S. personnel in Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

If you were waiting and wondering if dementia patient and pretend president Joe Biden was going to do the right thing in Afghanistan, and work to make sure all Americans are evacuated, you can stop wondering, he’s made his decision. Joe Biden has bowed to the demands of the Taliban, and will allow thousands of Americans to now become their hostages and slaves as soon as the August 31 deadline passes. Yes, it’s really that bad, Biden is really making America take a dive. But there’s a reason.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:17 (KJB)

That the people inside the shadow government that controls Biden and actually runs America are intentionally surrendering to the Taliban is without question, America is being dismantled brick by brick. When it is all said and done, we will no longer be a superpower, but will be places under the authority of the United Nations in the New World Order promised to us by then-president George H.W. Bush on September 11th, 1991. You think all this is a coincidence that it’s happening right before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Tick, tock…

Joe Biden Caves to Taliban: Sticks with August 31 Withdrawal Deadline

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Biden’s decision comes after Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday morning that the terrorists will accept “no extensions” to the August 31 deadline. The Taliban reportedly met with CIA Director William Burns on Monday who negotiated face-to-face with Taliban leader and co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar. They do not appear to have reached any agreement. Mujahid said he was “not aware” the CIA met with the Taliban, “but he did not deny that such a meeting took place,” the Associated Press observed. The CIA would neither confirm nor deny the negotiation.

Biden starts to WITHDRAW US troops from Kabul after snubbing Boris and G7 pleas to extend evacuation – leaving humiliated PM to plead with Taliban to keep letting people out despite their BAN on Afghans leaving source

The deadline of August 31, six days from Tuesday, was not Biden’s original withdrawal deadline. Biden broke the deal his predecessor, Donald Trump, negotiated with the Taliban to be out by May 1 of this year, extending the U.S. presence to September 11 before shortening it to the end of August.

Get Woke, Go Broke

If the evacuation of American citizens and the U.S. military had been completed by the original date, the evacuation would have been accomplished before the Afghan fighting season that occurs in the summer, avoiding the choice, warm months of fighting. But politics perhaps played a part in the Biden and Harris administration’s decision to extend the war until late August or September.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are still stranded behind Taliban lines. Reports indicate about 3,300 Americans have been evacuated since the collapse of Afghanistan. Other non-American citizens have also been evacuated to various country’s included Qatar, where a report has surfaced about unsanitary conditions for the refugees. Axios reported a leaked email Tuesday that depicts evacuees are living in a facility “awash with loose feces, urine, and a rat infestation.”

Spokesperson for U.S. Central Command William Urban told Axios that “We recognize this is a challenging and difficult situation” and the “current conditions in Doha are of our own doing.” READ MORE

Fox News’ Bret Baier On Biden Withdrawal: “The Taliban Is Running This Show”

George Bush Sr New World Order Speech On September 11, 1991

Ten years to the day before the attacks on the World Trade Center, president George H.W. Bush stood up and announced there was a coming “new world order”.

Democrat Rep. Andy Kim: Biden “Will Not” Be Able To Finish Evacuation From Afghanistan By August 31

Jen Psaki Refuses To Say What The U.S. Would Do If An American Is Left Behind In Afghanistan

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