Considering that Patrick Mahomes was the MVP of this year’s Super Bowl, one would assume that he would have gotten the most love and attention after the game, right? Wrong.

The player who got the most love and attention – Travis Kelce – made the game’s highlights for … shoving and yelling at his elderly coach.

That doesn’t sound right.

But that’s what happened. Why? Two words: Taylor Swift. Yup, coach-shoving Travis Kelce is going out with Taylor Swift. This instantly made him a household name and a major celebrity around the world. And, after months of excessive media hype, Kelce and Swift made it to the Super Bowl. Consequently, a great number of viewers tuned in solely to see how that romance would play out during this mega-event.

And, boy did it play out perfectly: After a suspenseful game, Kelce’s Chiefs scored a touchdown with three seconds remaining in overtime, making them Super Bowl champions. Then, Taylor Swift appeared on the field and kissed Travis Kelce – the moment cameras from around the world were fiending for.

Super Bowl 2024 became the most-watched TV event of ALL TIME. That is not a small feat. And, as the picture suggests, this boost in ratings was mainly due to Taylor Swift.

One could say that one couldn’t have written a better scenario. However, some also said that this scenario was actually written … a long time ago. Here’s a look at what happened during Super Bowl 2024.

The Power Couple

In my last article titled 2024 Grammys: It Had To Be All About Taylor Swift. It Just Had To, I explained that, exactly one week before the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift completely dominated the Grammy Awards and even broke a record. It was the perfect way to set the stage for her Super Bowl moment where she would garner all of the attention.

During the Grammys, there was a controversial moment where Taylor Swift snubbed and ignored Celine Dion – one of the only artists who still massively outsell her.

That whole interaction was symbolic: Taylor is a “chosen one”. She’s, in a way, “above the law” and she doesn’t need to show respect to anyone.

Oddly enough, a similar scenario happened during the Super Bowl. In a bizarre moment rarely seen in sports, Travis Kelce shoved and yelled at his coach during the game.

Any sports fan would say that’s simply a no-no. The situation was so bizarre that former Eagles receiver A.J. Brown stated the obvious:

Kelce wasn’t even kicked out of the field.

Weird fact: Shortly after posting this tweet, it was claimed that A.J. Brown’s account was “hacked” – the go-to excuse for those who backtrack on their opinions. Maybe he got a message from above saying: “Mind your business A.J., this is bigger than you”.

In any other situation, the coach would have, at the very least, benched the player for the rest of the game. But that couldn’t happen that day. Like Swift, Kelce was “above the law”. He’s a “chosen one” and he didn’t need to show respect to anyone.

Kelce is not just a football player anymore, he’s a superstar.

Furthermore, Kelce simply could not be punished during the Super Bowl – he’s got a massive, elite-backed contract to honor.

A couple of months before the Super Bowl, Kelce signed a contract with Pfizer for a reported $20 million.

While Kelce is peddling vaccines and shoving coaches, Taylor Swift is overacting her butt off during games for the cameras. It annoys most people, yet most people still want to see it.

To make sure Taylor was there, government officials and two private jets were put to work. She just HAD to be there – it was an international priority. And she made it. And, somehow, they’ve made this highly-anticipated event Satanic.

The Inverted Cross

As stated above, Super Bowl 2024 was the most-watched telecast in history. And it was due to Taylor Swift. So, when the camera inevitably cut to her, this is what a record number of people saw.

Swift was chilling with Ice Spice who happened to wear a massive inverted cross around her neck.

The word across the industry is that Ice Spice is an industry plant. And she was definitely “planted” next to Taylor Swift that day. The goal: To have a big fat Satanic cross broadcast in living rooms across the world.

Ice Spice was wearing a custom inverted cross pendant by jeweler Alex Moss.

As usual, the disinformation site Snopes “fact-checked” the inverted cross. However, faced with irrefutable facts Snopes had to backtrack and confirm the inverted cross.

When Snopes attempts to “fact-check” something, it’s usually because there’s something there.

During the game, Ice Spice also made sure to throw up the devil horns sign when the camera was on her.


The inverted cross is the main symbol of Satanism and, as explained in countless articles, it is worn by occult elite pawns to show that they’ve sold their souls. The fact that Ice Spice wore it with Taylor Swift – during the biggest TV event of all time – blatantly tells us that this is all occult elite shenanigans.

Speaking of witch (typo intended).


Other than Ice Spice and Taylor Swift, Beyoncé was another star who was at the Grammys and who continued the hype train to the Super Bowl.

At the Grammys, Beyoncé’s outfit signaled that she’s now a cowgirl … for like a couple of weeks.

While Usher performed at the Halftime show, Beyoncé stole his thunder by announcing a new album DURING the Super Bowl. Also, she starred in a surprise Verizon commercial. Of course, everything was symbolic.

The Verizon commercial features “Beyonc-AI”, a robot version of the singer. Throughout her career, Bey has been likened to the character of Maria from the movie Metropolis (one of the occult elite’s favorite movies).

Bey also released a visualizer for the song Texas Hold ‘Em which consists of a short video loop that manages to pack a lot of symbolism.

In Texas Hold ‘Em, a big decorative thingie hides one of her eyes, effectively creating a One-Eye sign. Also, notice her hands. 

Bey’s hand positioning is a mirrored version of Baphomet.

As if that wasn’t enough weird Satanic crap for a football game, Kanye West arrived at the Super Bowl looking like this.

Kanye wore a black mask on which was glued a figurine of a crucified Jesus. As stated numerous times, Kanye’s version of Christianity is actually pseudo-satanic.

After all of this nonsense, the Chiefs won.

Just Like They Drew It Up

In my last article, I described the theory predicting that the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl which would prime Taylor Swift for a major political move.

Before the Super Bowl, Vivek Ramaswamy claimed that the Swift/Kelce couple was fake and that the Super Bowl would rigged.

Some believe that the ultimate goal of this scenario is for Taylor Swift to endorse Joe Biden in the upcoming elections.

Well, the Chiefs won. Then, the official account of Joe Biden posted this creepy tweet after the Super Bowl.

Joe Biden’s account posted a Dark Brandon meme with the caption “Just like we drew it up”.

Most people who came across this bizarre post double-checked to make sure it wasn’t from a parody account. Nope, it was from Joe Biden’s official account. And everything about it was weird.

At face value, the post ridiculizes the theories about the Super Bowl being rigged and Taylor Swift being a “psyop”. But, if these theories are indeed “ridiculous”, why would the leader of the free world even address them? Doesn’t he have, like, wars to deal with?

The sinister fact is that one can interpret this post at a very literal level where they’re just openly revealing what they’re doing. Some call it Revelation of the Method.

Even worse is the fact that the Dark Brandon meme originally emerged from places like 4Chan to portray Joe Biden as a creepy villain who does the bidding of an authoritarian Deep State. For some reason, the meme was co-opted by Biden’s PR team and it is now popping up in weird places.

They’re selling merch featuring Joe Biden with sinister glowing red eyes. 

In short, the combination of Dark Brandon with the caption “Just like we drew it up” only confirms that those who believe in these theories are on to something. It’s as if they’re saying: “Yes, that’s what we’re doing and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

In Conclusion

Super Bowl 2024 was basically a circus. It started with a buffoon wearing big shoulder pads and tight pants comically shoving an old man. Meanwhile, a blonde songstress made funny faces next to a red-haired clown who wore a giant inverted cross. Then, another songstress attempted to sell her stale merchandise to the crowd by dressing up as a Satanic cowgirl.

During the intermission, the entertainers wore shiny suits and repeatedly yelled “Yeah!” for several minutes. The crowd was very pleased.

Later, a masked creep entered the stadium with Jesus Christ on his face. At his side, his zombie girlfriend walked silently with a blank stare on her face.

In the end, the hero and his princess won the big game and they kissed passionately. Then, the President of the World emerged from his sarcophagus with glowing red eyes and told the world that he planned the whole thing.


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