One of the first articles published on this site was about Rihanna’s Umbrella – a highly symbolic video about submitting to evil. Over 15 years and two children later, Rihanna is not allowed to outgrow that toxic pseudo-satanic, Monarch programming crap. If she still wants a career in the industry, she must keep complying with the Agenda.

Rihanna was recently featured on the cover of Interview magazine dressed as a highly sexualized, partially undressed nun. The constant blaspheming of Christianity and the perversion of its symbols is a main priority of the elite’s agenda. Because they’re Satanists.

Some might say, ” This is just art” or “She’s just expressing herself.” Not really. She’s an industry slave and she’s doing as she’s told. The other pics of the photoshoot perfectly illustrate this fact.

Here, Rihanna complies with the gender-blurring agenda with a masculine look.

In this pic, Rihanna looks exhausted and zoned out while covered in bruises. In other words, she looks as if she was recently abused and traumatized. How is this “art”? It is not. It is a celebration of the elite’s obsession with Monarch Programming, aka Trauma-Based Mind Control. Relevant fact: Beta Kitten slaves are identified with blonde hair.

To prove that Rihanna is fully back in slave mode, she hides an eye while promoting a product.

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it was, once again, all over the place in the last month. Here’s a small fraction of them.

Model and actress Beverly Johnson is 71 years old. She was the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in August 1974. But that doesn’t mean she’s above occult elite shenanigans. For instance, this picture on the cover of Bazaar Vietnam is an Illuminati mega-combo: a 666 handsign that doubles as a one-eye sign combined with all-seeing-eye earrings. The message: You cannot just retire from the elite’s industry. It retires you.

The same issue of Bazaar Vietnam simultaneously featured Tinashe doing a clear one-eye sign. At the bottom, we can read a very MK subtitle: “Stepping into a new persona.” The message: You cannot just start a career in the industry. It starts you.

The current iteration of Doctor Who is a big pile of elite-sponsored garbage. To prove this fact, the show’s star, Ncuti Gatwa, does a one-eye sign in the Sunday Times Style.

In response to people hating this year’s Doctor Who, a “journalist” published one of the dumbest headlines of 2024: “Sorry straight white men, Doctor Who was never made for you.” That’s a bold statement, considering the fact that the first season of the show was released in 1963. Then, under the picture, she adds that the show was always “inclusive” … after she literally EXCLUDED straight white men right in the title of the article.

This year’s MET Gala dialed back on the extravagance, but the occult elite still found a way to pass its messages through its industry pawns.

Bad Bunny wore shoes shaped like goat hooves. That outfit tells us that they’re hiding their true nature under “fashion”. And what is their true nature?

Baphomet-idolizing satanists.

Doja Cat is still in the humiliation/sex slave phase of her career. While most celebrities were dressed in big, elaborate outfits, she looked like she just come out of the shower. No dignity for industry slaves.

As seen in previous articles about the MET Gala, the event is hell-bent on showcasing men in women’s clothing. This GQ magazine article about the “best dressed men” fully displays the ridiculousness of it all.

Speaking of men in dresses, here’s David Dastmalchian – star of the satanic movie Late Night With the Devil.

In a Photobook photoshoot, Dastmalchian has a plasticky, soulless look as he models the most feminine outfits possible. Some might ask: “Why are you so prejudiced against the LGBTQ community?” I’m not. Dastmalchian is married to a woman and has children. He’s not LGBT-anything. So why is he wearing the dresses? Compliance with the agenda. No other reason.

In this picture, he has the same plastic look while wearing a dualistic-patterned jacket. More importantly, he’s doing a very clear 666 hand sign.

As if we needed more creepiness surrounding Dastmalchian, he’s the ambassador of a “high-end” casket brand.

Speaking of creepy: Anya Taylor-Joy.

Anya Taylor-Joy recently posted pictures of her “secret wedding,” which included a bloody, anatomically correct cake shaped like a human heart. Her entire wedding was “vampire-themed”. None of this is a joke. They’re putting on display the fact that they’re actually obsessed with cannibalism and the consumption of human blood.

To ensure you understand that she’s a tool of the elite, Anya was recently featured in an ELLE photoshoot centered around her hiding one eye.

King Charles’s official portrait is the stuff of nightmares. That’s by design: It’s the general vibe “they” want the world to absorb.

While Charles is fading into a sea of red, the painting features a well-defined Monarch butterfly. While this could represent the fact that King Charles is a “monarch” (a rather lame association), it could also mean the exact opposite: He’s an increasingly irrelevant relic of the past in the occult elite’s global system which is ruled by a much higher power.

Is this higher power actually hidden in the painting?

When the painting is inversed and mirrored, a central figure emerges: Baphomet. Furthermore, it looks like Charles’ hand is grabbing the horns—a classic satanic symbol representing the drawing of power from occult forces.

But why is the painting so red? This might be a reference to another occult elite obsession.

The series American Horror Story: Delicate features a cursed painting made with a witch’s menstrual blood. It is strikingly similar to King Charles’ portrait. This is not a coincidence; these things are part of the occult elite’s “culture.”

Speaking of satanism in the Royal Family, Meghan Merkle was seen wearing a peculiar necklace while in Nigeria. According to news sources, the piece of jewelry supposedly belonged to Lady Di – although she was never seen wearing it.

During her trip, Markle wore an inverted cross, which happens to be the main symbol of Satanism. While some outlets attempted to “debunk” the picture, a quick zoom-in proves that this is truly an inverted cross (Snopes did not even attempt to debunk this). Some have questioned whether the necklace was actually by Lady Di. Maybe it was a way of deflecting the fact that she owned an inverted cross. Bizarre fact: Melinda Gates wore a similar inverted cross while promoting vaccines in 2020.

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