Baal Worshipers to meet at the Vatican to discuss Technology that Empowers Humanity

What Have the Elite Powerbrokers Used in Predictive Programming about Transhumanism?

Transhumanism and Perdictive Programming

Perdictive Programming and the Transhumanism Messaging

Bizzare is the word that comes to mind. We must ask the question as we have been following occult messaging for over two decades, What are they saying and Why are they saying these things? Predictive Programming is a powerful tool of Propaganda of world leaders. The Bible outlines in prophecy world events that will lead humanity to a Christ-rejecting world, a coming One World Religion, a One World Leader, and a One World Economy where no one will be able to buy or sell lest they have the Mark of the Beast. So they are softening up the masses with a constant message that billions will receive!

(A word from Amos37: I greatly appreciate the work that Nicholson1968 has done here, but I only share it as to show the patterns of messaging of the Elite in Government, Hollywood, and the Music Industry. I don’t necessarily agree with some aspects of his research, but it is excellent work. Examine for yourself and come to your own conclusions based on the Word of God. Nicholson1968 has done an amazing job exposing Saturn also known as Cube Worship I will attach it below.) Cube Worship in a nutshell is a very clever devil that has taken aspects from the Holy of Holies and reverse engineers it as Professor Backwards does with every good and perfect thing that God has created. Its Geometry is amazing and has seemingly endless ways of hiding 666 right in our faces. See below. All these things are connected and heading towards the coming NWO and rebellion against God almighty. They are inviting God’s wrath!

Most people think I’m against Technology….but I’m not, It’s how far we take it to control a human being in this day and age.  Two ways of control… the first is happening now…..constant recommendations on videos that you might like, commercials, media influencing the masses leading people down a path to want more Technology.
Next will be to merge with TECH
Hive Mind…ONE WITH IT…Singularity…Transhumanism.
The key to understanding is the BODY… it’s a vessel or Temple from the Creator.
What mankind does to that Temple in the future is truly the key to understanding the MARK of the Beast. The abomination of desolation in the TEMPLE of GOD

Videos & Text from Nicholson1968

Cube Worship and Occult Programming

You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. The cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day. Saturn dubbed the “Lord of the Rings”, is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings or put halos on the heads of godly people. This article exposes the attributes of the god Saturn and the perpetuation of his cult through pop culture. Since ancient times, sages gazed at the stars, admiring their heavenly glow and attributing them godly powers, based on their effect on humans. Before the Great Flood, Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings. Occult researchers affirm that Saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings. The cult has been perpetuated through numerous gods during Antiquity:

“Chronos, or Saturn, Dionysos, Hyperion, Atlas, Hercules, were all connected with a great Saturnian continent;’ they were kings that ruled over countries on the western shores of the Mediterranean, Africa, and Spain. ”- Baldwin, Prehistoric Nations In Egyptian mythology Isis is considered Saturn’s eldest daughter:

“I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury. No one can destroy the laws which I have established. I am the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the Gods”

Why is there so much Cube Symbolism in Media? Come n see

Just REVEALED 9-1-2016: World Trade Center Performing Arts Center will be a translucent marble cube

After stalling for years, the $243 million World Trade Center Performing Arts Center started to make headway in recent months, first with a decision to go with REX as the designers and then with a $75 million gift from Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Ronald O. Perelman (who is gaining naming rights). And finally, the official renderings have been revealed, and they showcase a nearly 90,000-square-foot, translucent veined marble cube that both stands out as an impressive piece of cultural architecture and co-exists with the other structures on the WTC complex such as the 9/11 Museum and transportation hub.

REX refers to their design as a “MYSTERY BOX,” referring to its flexible nature that was conceived with theater consultants Charcoalblue. The three auditoria (with 99, 250, and 499 seats).
3 Cubed Arenas…3 Cubes have 6 sides…Symbolism of 666

World Trade Center “Mystery Box” Cube Symbolism and Saturn Worship 666 Occult Messaging

Take a look at this Elite Global Leaders Conference at Vatican on Transhuman Code

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