Recent audio program from Olive Tree Ministries with Jim Tetlow of Eternal Productions discuss the Vatican’s posturing of Ailen disclosure and the possible connection to the Rapture of the Church.  The enemy can’t stop it, but he knows that he must have an answer and he will.  This program deals with some of the possible scenarios to explain away when Christ returns for the Church.  Why is there an explosion of UFO activity and media activity preparing the way for higher life forms?  Many in the Church feel it is to explain fallen angels.  Part 1 of 2.

The Coming Global Transformation Part 1

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Part 1: Jan hosts with guest Jim Tetlow. The two discuss–and play clips–of his new radio drama, The Coming Global Transformation. That transformation is the Rapture. The drama centers around an unbelieving couple and their life before, during, and after the Rapture. Tetlow uses a number of tools to bring out potential scenarios that may be at play during that time period such as UFOs and apparitions. When a major war breaks out in the Middle East, apathy turns to curiosity and the couple begins a serious spiritual journey. This is an outstanding witnessing tool. We sell the CD/MP3 set here We offer both a single disc and a quick-sleeve version which can be handed out to people at no cost. These prices vary. You can listen to the entire production online and at no cost at .

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