For months, media has been hyping the “metaverse”, a network of 3D virtual worlds in which people engage using avatars. Considered to be the “next phase of the internet”, tech giants such as Microsoft are currently investing billions of dollars to create an alternate reality where people will be able to “work, play, shop, and meet virtually”.

Indeed, nothing would make them happier than to turn humanity into a collection of isolated individuals who cannot accomplish anything without some tech gizmo strapped to their heads. While several companies are heavily invested in the metaverse, the main hypeman for it is Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg at a 2016 VR conference.

The picture above aptly symbolizes the future they are trying to create: A bunch of people staring into machines as their overlord watches over. This picture is also fascinating for another reason: The faces of the two main subjects in this picture.

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