How a spy came to serve Iran out of the cherished sanctuary of an Israeli military chief-of-staff-turned-defense minister can’t be explained away – certainly not by a stream of lame excuses emanating from the Shin Bet security service.

Omry Goren Gorochovsky, 37, had been at it for at least three years from April 2019 before he was discovered. He was working at the time as cleaner at the home of the ex-chief of staff Benny Gantz. The military chief had just launched into politics as leader of the opposition Blue-White party, when his mobile was invaded by Iran-backed hackers. This prompted the taunt that a leader who couldn’t protect his own phone, could not aspire to protect the country.

Goren is now believed to have given the hackers access to Gantz’s phone. But then, not a whisper of suspicion came near him. The hacking scandal died down and the promised investigation never took off. Goren got away with it and was encouraged to develop his career as digital spy.

The most credible witnesses assure DEBKAfile that Goran and his wife were hired in 2015 to work for six hours twice a week to clean and tidy the Ganz home. The cleaner had a key so that when family was out, he could go in and work in all the rooms without oversight. None was even contemplated. READ MORE

This arrangement continued after Gantz became alternate prime minister in partnership with then PM Binyamin Netanyahu. His private Rosh Ha’Ayin residence in central Israel was then massively barricaded with high walls enclosing the entire vicinity and manned sentry-posts. The external barriers in place were no bar against the enemy within. The Gantzes’ regular cleaning man was free to offer a clandestine service to the highest bidder. He traded on the non-reference by authority to his criminal past. Was Gantz not tipped off before he gave the cleaner the key to his home?

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