The slogan of Walt Disney World is “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” and Disneyland’s tagline is “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

But is Disney becoming “The Most Woke Place on Earth”?

We don’t have billions of dollars like Disney has to build whatever attractions they want, and we don’t have the millions of subscribers to our Answers TV streaming platform that Disney+ has amassed. Neither do we have billions of dollars to produce the large number of movies and animated programs that Disney does.

But when I see where Disney is heading (and already is), it helps me understand why Jeremiah would exclaim, “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?” (Jeremiah 12:1), or why Job said, “Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power?” (Job 21:7), and why the psalmist stated, “For I was envious of the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked” (Psalm 73:3).

Disney films (although never Christian) used to reflect to a significant degree the Judeo-Christian ethic that once permeated the culture of the West. Most families used to consider Disney movies safe for kids, despite there being some replete with witches, sorcerers, spells, and goblins.

Disney has changed and continues to change in ways that impact families with a very anti-biblical agenda.

Disney movies and Disneyland were considered safe for families. Disney parks were seen as places to have fun and experience various movie characters and scenes throughout the parks.

But Disney has changed and continues to change in ways that impact families with a very anti-biblical agenda. Consider just a few of the many headlines and statements from news media over the past few years.

I want to highlight a section of a recent article in Daily Wire (March 21, 2022):

After his comments, a panel of LGBT activists gave a talk one Disney staffer said was “about wanting Disney to indoctrinate kids.” This was followed by an address from Nadine Smith of the non-profit group Equality Florida. . . . One employee described the presentations during the meeting as a strategy session for circumventing the will of mothers and fathers. “These activist employees and outside organizations recognize Disney’s cultural significance,” he said. “They want to use the company to make an end-run around parents through content creation and political pressure. They see it as their mission to rescue the next generation from their conservative parents.”

God has allowed companies like this to seemingly prosper from a human perspective as they lead people away from God’s Word. God has his purposes in allowing them to prosper even if we don’t understand it. And God will deal with this in his timing, but regardless, we need to be faithful in all we do as we carry out the business of the King till he returns (Luke 19:3). Part of being faithful also means using discernment regarding who and what we allow to impact ourselves and our children.

Being in the World

Now I recognize that if we refused to deal with any company that supports evil, we would probably end up not being able to live in this world! But when a company that attracts millions and millions of families and children has a deliberate policy to promote and aggressively defend the anti-biblical LGBT agenda, I believe we need to seriously consider whether we should be using our resources in supporting them.

In fact, I am unashamed in asking people to support Answers in Genesis and our God-honoring resources, programs, and attractions so we can reach as many people as possible with the most vital message in the universe. Why give your resources to those who actively promote the LGBT anti-biblical agenda? Did you know latest research shows 39% of those ages 18–24 self-identify as LGBT? It’s a catastrophic problem.

What about helping us counter what Disney is doing by subscribing to our Answers TV streaming service and giving gift subscriptions to your family and friends? Now I know we don’t have the spectacular action movies and TV series like Disney+ or Netflix. We don’t have many (yet) stunning animated programs for kids. But we are already approaching nearly 5,000 programs! Lots of them are engaging programs to help train all ages to trust God’s Word and have a truly biblical worldview. Your family needs this. You can get light entertainment from other places.

Investing in Our Families

Why not help and invest in our streaming platform so its content can “invest” in your family?

Why not help and invest in our streaming platform so its content can “invest” in your family? The more subscribers we have, the more people we can minister to—and the more we will be able to produce new God-honoring programs. Ultimately, what’s more important anyway: learning the truth of God’s Word or entertainment just for entertainment’s sake?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s not a time for us to have fun. But we are losing the coming generations of kids to the world, and there’s nothing more important than where each person will spend eternity. You can help us build our subscription base and donate to the ministry so we can produce more quality and varied programs.

Answers TV was recently presented with two awards by the National Religious Broadcasters organization. The awards were “Best Use of Multiple Media” for the streaming platform itself and “Television Program of the Year” for the program Hike & Seek.

From its inception, Answers TV has proven to be an incredible outreach for Answers in Genesis. During the short period of time when we were forced to close the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter due to the pandemic mandates, we decided to accelerate the launch of our very own video streaming service. It has always been the mission of AiG to provide answers to life’s perplexing questions, and Answers TV is yet another engaging way in which AiG is presenting the message of biblical authority to thousands of homes.

In its nearly three decades of ministry, Answers in Genesis has amassed a tremendous amount of video content which allowed Answers TV to launch thousands of titles right from the beginning.

Since then, the video production team has produced many more titles that have been added to the platform, and there’s much more to come. As of today, Answers TV has 16,908 subscribers (very tiny compared to Disney+) and 4,800 titles, resulting in over 360,000 hours of programming viewed.

Hike & Seek is an Answers TV exclusive program hosted by one of our very own staff, Peter Schriemer. In each episode, Peter takes us on an exploration of God’s world, discovering creatures all over the map, including animals in your very own backyard. It’s a thrilling show that is both fun and filled with biblical truths. Hike & Seek has been viewed nearly 8,000 times by over 2,550 subscribers, with new episodes being produced and consistently released. It was an honor to have the NRB recognize Answers TV for its excellence as a streaming platform as well as being awarded for Hike & Seek’s unique programs.

For far too long, secular networks such as National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, etc., have dominated the video market with their educational programming that nearly always propagates an anti-God, humanistic/evolutionary worldview, and it’s been our desire to provide a biblically sound alternative. We believe that Answers TV is just that alternative, and for this reason, we are investing a great deal of resources and time into making this streaming service just as world-class as all our other forms of outreach—and we need your support.

Not only are we focusing on refining the user experience, but AiG is dedicated to producing many hours of content that will be engaging and entertaining, as well as educational, faith-building, and Bible-affirming.

Other Ways to Help

I also encourage you to bring your families to our two leading attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, this year. By visiting these attractions, you are investing in your family’s spiritual growth and helping this ministry continue to provide such family-friendly, God-honoring facilities that have the agenda of proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

And please prayerfully consider partnering with us in these two ways:

  1. Answers TV QR Code

    Answers TV

    Subscribe to Answers TV (start with a free 7-day trial) and give gift subscriptions to as many people as you can (it’s easy to do gift subs on

  2. Answers in Genesis Donate QR Code

    Donate to support our core ministry so we can produce even more faith-building resources, add exhibits to the attractions, and provide teaching programs, all of which will impact many more souls for the Lord. Visit or scan this QR code to give online through AiG’s website.

I must admit, as I continue to read what is happening to Disney and similar organizations, I’m more burdened than ever to do as much as we possibly can for the kingdom so more people will be equipped and saved for eternity. Please help AiG become the most impactful place on earth that we can be for the Lord as we counter the antibiblical agendas of our culture.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

P.S. With secular companies, the bottom line is profit, but with Answers in Genesis, the bottom line is the proclamation of the gospel! Your gift of any size today and a subscription to Answers TV will enable AiG to do just that! Thank you.

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