But the statement immediately after the call of Zelensky himself was much more toned down compared to the White House rhetoric

“Discussed recent diplomatic efforts on de-escalation and agreed on joint actions for the future,” Zelenskiy said in a tweet. “Thanked President Joe Biden for the ongoing military assistance,” he said, also affirming that the US offered further financial support to Ukraine, which was highlighted in the Biden statement.

CNN and mainstream media in general have of late seemed intent on hyping and stoking tensions to the point of armed conflict.

The “long phone conversation” with Biden was Zelensky’s second one this month. Again, compare the low key statement of Ukraine’s president himself with what Biden reportedly said to him concerning the “level” of the threat, supposedly with Kiev itself in the crosshairs…

The Ukrainian side appears to have leaked that Biden informed Zelensky that it’s “virtually certain” that Ukraine’s capital could be “sacked” and that Russian forces are looking to occupy it.

Here’s more from CNN:

Zelensky has been particularly concerned about the US’ rhetoric that war could be “imminent” — a word White House press secretary Jen Psaki used earlier this week to describe the US’ assessment of Russia’s plans — and the recent disclosures of intelligence to US media, the source said, which “is causing panic and economic disaster for Ukraine.”

Zelensky is expected to convey to Biden that he believes the US and its allies have to be more careful with their messaging surrounding the conflict, the source added. 

Zelensky during the call reportedly told the US president to calm down…

It seems the two leaders were openly at odds over the true level of the threat, with the White House now being accused of grossly inflating the threat. Indeed this has been the messaging of the Ukrainians all week, especially after the US took the dramatic step of telling some of its embassy staff in Kiev to leave the country over the Russian troop build-up near Ukraine.

On this issue, Biden had some explaining to do which likely didn’t make matters any better. Biden “made clear that despite the departure of American family members of embassy personnel, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, remains open and fully operational,” according to the US readout.

Ukraine’s President Tells Biden To “Calm Down” In Phone Call  https://amos37.com/ukraines-president-tells-biden-to-calm-down-in-phone-call/

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