The Biden administration is pushing Israel to allow it to reopen its consulate for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, a US State Department official told reporters in regards to the meeting between Blinken and Lapid today (Wednesday).

The official pointed out that the US still backs the two-state solution and stresses the importance of preventing violence or unilateral steps.

“The Biden administration began with an outright commitment to a two-state solution and we intend to see this happen. We expect cooperation from both sides: this includes prevention of the annexation of territories, building settlements, destruction of property, incitement to violence, and halting payments to terrorist prisoners,” the senior official said.

The official also said that the US intends to reestablish its nuclear deal with Tehran. “We have had many discussions with many of our allies, including with Israel, regarding America’s relationship with Iran. We continue to consult closely with them as this process progresses.”

“The United States has stated that it is interested in returning to the nuclear deal if Iran adheres to it and we are working to achieve that goal.”

In acknowledgment of the anniversary of the Abraham Accords another state official states that Biden’s administration supports normalizing relations between Israel and Arab Countries. “We believe that the Abraham Accords serve as proof of the pros of dissolving prior agendas and barriers between the nations. We are working towards expanding the agreement, possibly to include other Arab countries.” She said.

Another issue to be discussed in the meeting today between Blinken and Lapid will be future relations between Israel and China, specifically in trade.

US pushing Israel to allow opening of consulate for PA in Jerusalem

Josh Toupos

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