WASHINGTON – The US is “not willing and will not take unilateral steps as sweeteners to sweeten the pot just to get negotiations going,” said Ned Price, the State Department Spokesperson, Monday, in response to a New York Times story, according to which the administration is willing to ease sanctions on Iran to encourage them to negotiate faithfully in Vienna.

Speaking at the Department’s press briefing, Price said. “A mutual return to compliance – it is in the interests of the United States; it is in the interests of the other members of the P5+1; it is also, as previous governments in Iran have concluded, in the interests of Tehran if we are able to get there,” said Price. “We will be clear that we’re not going to engage in unilateral steps for the sake of just getting back to the table.”
The Times also reported that US officials have warned Israel that attacks against the Iranian nuclear program are counterproductive and have enabled Tehran to rebuild an even more efficient enrichment system. Asked about the report, Price said that “at the end of the day, the United States and Israel share a common objective here, and that is to see to it that Iran is verifiably and permanently prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

“We continue to believe that diplomacy in coordination with our allies and partners – and that, of course, includes Israel – is the best path to achieve that goal,” he continued. “It’s the best path because it sets us out on an approach that is verifiable and that is sustainable and that is permanent, and that is one of the key advantages that the JCPOA conveys.”
The Vienna indirect negotiations with Iran about a mutual return to the 2015 nuclear agreement is expected to resume at the end of the month. “As of right now, talks are still slated to resume next Monday, November 29th,” said Price. READ MORE